• Is it against the law to text and drive in Alabama?

    By now most people realize that texting and driving isn’t safe to do and it can cause accidents and other problems while out on the road. Sadly, many people still continue to text and drive whenever they can. That’s not the focus of this article though. Instead, we’re focusing on texting and driving in Alabama specifically and whether or not it’s legal to do. Read on to learn the laws as well as any penalties if there are some involved with getting caught texting and driving.

    Is texting and driving legal in Alabama?
    The first thing that any accident lawyers in Huntsville, AL, will tell you is that texting and driving is not legal in the state. It will result in fines from the state police that get progressively worse over time. There is a strict law preventing teens from holding cell phones while driving within the state, though adults are still allowed to hold cellphones if they are using them to talk on and not to text.

    The penalties
    There are three penalties in place for drivers who get caught texting and any good personal injury lawyers in Huntsville AL will explain them to you. The first is a $25 fine, the second a $50 fine and the third a $75 fine. Additionally, two points are put onto the driver’s license each time they are caught texting and driving, which is arguably the worst part of the penalties.

    Getting informed about the law
    If you have more questions like this, it’s helpful to have bankruptcy lawyers in Huntsville, AL, or accident lawyers in Huntsville, AL, to help answer your questions. With a few lawyers available to you, you can find out the laws and how they apply to you quickly and easily. Take the time to learn the different laws and you’ll quickly be able to understand just what you are doing wrong.

    If you do find yourself in a bit of trouble because of one of these laws, you should consider hiring accident lawyers in Huntsville, AL. These personal injury lawyers in Huntsville, AL, know what the laws are and how to help you through legal problems if you have them. Many times they can help you save money on things like increased insurance costs, and you’ll actually save by paying for those legal expenses. Take the time to learn all the laws properly, and find out when you should get legal help from a lawyer.
    Sep 21, 2017
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