• Punishments And Representation For Criminal Offenses In Alabama

    Having criminal charges brought against you can be a very stressful experience for you and your family. There are a hundred questions that will go through your head. You might not have answers to all of them, but you will have to address them at some point.

    In the state of Alabama, criminal offenses are divided into two categories, felonies and misdemeanors. Different levels of felonies and misdemeanors have varying levels of punishment. Criminal lawyers in Huntsville, Alabama know all too well that any person who has criminal charges against them is usually not in a mental state to process so much technical legal knowledge. Lawyers in Huntsville, Alabama are well equipped to deal with these situations given their experience taking cases to court.

    Let us see what felonies entail and what the punishments are for these kinds of criminal offenses in Alabama:

    Sentences of imprisonment for felonies – Code of Alabama Section 13A-5-6 - These are considered more dangerous types of crimes. The sentences for felonies are served in prison. There are four classes of felonies.

    Class A felonies are the most serious types of crimes like first-degree murder and kidnapping. The time served in prison can be from 20 years to life, but the fine cannot be more than $60,000.

    Class B sentences may not be more than 20 years, but cannot be less than two years. The maximum fine for this class of offense is $30,000.

    Class C convictions cannot be more than a decade, but cannot be less than one year and one day. The fine cannot be more than $15,000.

    Class D felony sentences cannot be for more than five years, but cannot be less than one year and one day. The fine cannot be more than $7,500.

    There are three classes of misdemeanors:
    For a Class A misdemeanor, the sentence in a county jail cannot be for more than one year.
    For a Class B misdemeanor, the sentence cannot be for more than six months.
    For a Class C misdemeanor, the sentence cannot be for more than three months.

    Lawyers in Decatur, Alabama, will be able to take you through all of this and more so that you clearly understand what to expect when you go to court. Lawyers also will be there when you and your loved ones need someone who will ease you into the process of criminal proceedings. Call a criminal lawyer in Huntsville, Alabama, or a lawyer in Decatur, Alabama, today and let them help you.
    Apr 06, 2017
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